Here are some of the projects that I'm currently working on.

Pokémon Crystal Access Project

The Pokémon Crystal Access project is a set of scripts which provide access to Pokémon Crystal, the famous GameBoy game, for people using a screen reader. These scripts are designed to work with the VBA-ReRecording GameBoy emulator.

Historical Access Preservation Project

This project has been created to preserve access to older operating systems.

Modified GRML Linux

I have made a modified version of GRML, a version of Linux that runs completely from a CD. This version encorporates Espeak, a text-to-speech synthesizer of high quality, and also it disabled the kernel option "Preempt the Big Kernel Lock" which causes speakup and speechd-up some problems. Note that this CD is based off of a very old version of GRML, and may not work well on newer machines.

MushClient Plugins

MUSHClient is a program that allows the playing of MUDs (Multi-User Dungeons). I have developed some plugins for it.