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DOS - Screen Readers
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This project is designed to gather information and downloads for access products for platforms that have fallen out of mainstream use. Examples include DOS, Pre-OSX Macintosh and OS/2.

As time moves on, these operating systems are kept alive via emulation and ports. FreeDOS is a good example of this; it can be run inside a virtual machine such as the free VMware Player.

In 2010, the software and hardware needed to support access to these old operating systems is mostly unsupported. For example, most speech synthesizers are no longer being manufactured. If you do manage to obtain one, it is likely that the screen reader you want to try will be a demonstration version which is now impossible to register because the company that produced it either went out of business or is no longer supporting it. This project has been created in hopes of changing things.

Project Goals

DOS - Screen Readers


ASAP was a screen reader made by Microtalk. The most recent version I have found is from January 2002. The demo appears to be fully functional, but plays a tone and announces a message periodicly.

Download demo of ASAP, January 2002

Hal Lite

This screen reader is freeware and made by Dolphin. I don't know Much about it, but from searching the manual it seems to only support Dolphin synthesizers.

Hal Lite download


JAWS for DOS was made by Henter-Joyce, now Freedom Scientific. It was made freeware in 1999, and is available for free download.

Go to the download page that includes JAWS for DOS Local mirror

Screen Power

This screen reader was made by Telesensory and includes braille support. As far as I can tell, there was ScreenPower Speech, ScreenPower Braille, and ScreenPower Integrated (speech and braille). When I had the hardware, this worked.

ScreenPower Braille program disk ScreenPower Braille manual ScreenPower Integrated disk 1 ScreenPower Integrated disk 2 ScreenPower Integrated manual


Tinytalk was a screen reader created by Eric Bohlman of OMS Development. There is a demo of 1.67 out there, which to my knowledge only has a nag at the beginning and a delay.

Documentation for version 1.67 Executables for version 1.67

Outspoken 3.0 for Windows

This screen reader was made by Alva Access Group.

Download Outspoken 3.0 for Windows

Provox7 for DOS

This program was created by Kansys in the 1980's. The current version includes source code.

Download page for Provox


Vocal-Eyes was created by GW-Micro. Checking in September 2010, it appears to be abandoned and no longer sold and has been removed from the GW-Micro FTP site as of September 27, 2010.

Vocal-Eyes 3.0 demo

Speech Synthesizers


Files for the Dectalk PC, PC2 and Express can be found at the Dectalk files index. For the PC2 and Express, both versions 4.2CD and what I think is 4.61 are provided.


Here is the Contents of the Accent driver disk.

Sounding Board and Speakout

Sounding Board 2.7 and Speakout 1.2

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